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Tags: psychosis

When you get sick in the head, is your head really sick?

The brain isn’t the only part of the body involved in mental illness, but it is very important.

We know that many types of disease occur because of trauma to the brain.

When you get sick in the brain, is your mind is really sick?

The human brain is very complex, and there are many things we don’t understand about it.

We know a little about where and when things take place in the brain.

Memories are stored in the hippocampus.


There is the frontal lobe and the occipital lobe, and there are many other parts of the brain that have different functions.

Many chemical processes take place in the brain.

When they do, a lot of information is exchanged.

That’s how the brain gets sick?

Sometimes the brain does get sick that way.

If there is an abnormal change in the brain’s chemical process, or if the parts of the brain responsible for processing information are physically damaged and not working properly, there could be disease.

We call this kind of disease organic psychosis.

Is this hard to understand?

I understand. People have their brainwaves tested and have CAT scans to check for it.

Are they teaching you that at school already? Did you teach yourself?

I checked it out on the Web. I had a test done before, and I was curious.

Lain, if you’re doing all this research, you don’t have to see me.

No, it’s not like that. I learn a lot from you. It isn’t like the things I learn from books.

I’m sorry, Lain. I’m not feeling very well.

There is brain research at this research center, isn't there?


What kind of research?

I’m not a specialist and I don’t work in that area, so I can’t say anything specifically.

But it’s on the Web. All sorts of research takes place.

Lain, can I ask you a favor? I’m not feeling very well. Can we end for today?

I’m sorry, Touko-san.