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If I became sick, what would you do for it?

If you were sick?

I mean if...

Well, since you are still young, I wouldn’t use any medical treatment for such minor symptoms... the way one uses medicine to cure disease.

Why wouldn’t you use them?

Lain, you already have the power to recover your health from disease.

If you depend on using those medicines, however, your body becomes weaker.

Usually children shouldn’t take medicine too much anyway.

So what are you going to do?

Let’s see... I will use psychotherapy to help you, like talking with you as we do now.

Just talking?

Hmm, it’s difficult to explain it. For example, we have a program to recover people from alcoholism.

In this program, they discuss and present what make them drink so much and listen to each other’s stories.

We call it "group therapy." I don’t like it though.

Why you don’t like it?

I think people who regain their health from those group therapies would make the same mistakes later.

They think that they can recover themselves from alcoholism simply by group conversation, but when they are alone, they will start drinking again.

I’ve seen this happen a lot.

So what would you do?

I try to talk one-on-one as I do with you, Lain.


And then, I suggest those patients to think about themselves.

I have nothing particular to support them but I try to analyze what they think on neutral ground.

This helps them to recognize what is wrong with themselves, and then they try to recover their own health.

We call it "non-supportive psychotherapy".

If they start recognizing there is a problem, it means they are already fine.

Is that enough to recover them from diseases? Sound simple!

Right, it sounds so simple.

In fact, however, those things are more complicated and difficult to do than you think.


(yawn) I’m sorry. I need more sleep.

You must be tired. Should you take a break?