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There are different kinds of memories.

First of all, there’s one’s memory of oneself.

You know what self-understanding is?

You know that you are a girl named Lain with a certain face and height and weight?

That’s all recorded at a molecular level.

Aside from the brain, there are places throughout the body that carry residues of things that have happened.

You know that if you get cut, you bleed, but if you wait a while, it scabs over and heals?

That has to do with information stored in cells going to work.

Take a look at athletes and people who have gone through intense physical training.

They seem to do things effortlessly.

That’s because their bodies have their own recollection or memory.

If you generate a recording, you have a memory?

You might be able to say that sometimes, but not always.

Humans are haphazard and unpredictable, aren’t they?

I don’t remember everything that happened to me as a kid precisely.

I have happy memories of times I spent with my family, but my family might not have happy memories of those times at all.

I may have had misperceptions in the moment, or I may have remembered things incorrectly and by mistake.

But we all walk around with memories, thinking that what we remember is what actually happened.

Suppose you meet an old friend that you haven’t seen in a long time.

Don’t you remember the things you used to do with that person right away?

Your memory has a way of linking things together.

If you can’t link things together, you’re sick?

Well, there is something called memory impediment.

People who have this can’t remember things that happened only moments ago.

They have no idea of how things in the past took place.

They don’t know what happened and in what order.

Since they don’t want anyone to know that they don’t remember things, they often make up stories about the past to fool people.

Humans are complex.

We do all sorts of things.

You’ve seen senile old people on TV shows, haven’t you?

As humans, there are some things we can’t do anything about.

Things we can’t do anything about?

I’m not saying that you’re sick, Lain.

There are things we can’t do anything about, aren’t there?

We can’t flap our arms and fly, can we?

There are memories in the body and the brain?

There are still many things we don’t understand.

The human brain is made up of many different things.

When something is recorded there, there is a change that takes place that becomes the foundation for memories.

I don’t understand.


When you go to high school and college, you can study up on all this stuff.

But it’s good that you have a healthy curiosity.

I don’t think you’re sick, Lain.

I feel that my memories aren’t my memories.

Sure! I feel that way sometimes, too.

Even when it’s me. But I don’t remember anything else.

You’ve just forgotten something, that’s all.

Didn’t I say that human beings are haphazard and unpredictable?

We remember things the way we want to remember them and often forget what we want to.

That’s being human.

That’s normal.


Yes. You dwell on things too much, Lain. All those things are normal.