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Do you have many memories from your childhood?

Memories? Do you mean records?

Well, memories and records aren’t exactly the same.

Don't think about it too much.

If you’ve traveled somewhere during summer vacation...

I haven’t traveled anywhere during summer vacation.

I’m sorry.

In my youth, both of my parents worked, so I didn’t get to travel very much.

I didn’t like it when I went back to school after vacation and other kids would ask me where I went or what I did during the summer.

What’s the difference between a memory and a record?

From a medical standpoint, a record is something documented that lists exactly what happened, when and where.

A memory is more subjective.

It’s what you remember personally.

It’s something in your mind that you can access from time to time.

But Lain, doesn’t all this stuff bore you?

No. How does a memory enter the brain?

How? That’s a pretty complicated subject. Are you sure you want to get into it?