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I wondered if your name has anything to do with R. D. Laing. Oh, it couldn’t, could it?

R.D. Laing?

It’s a person’s name.

An English psychiatrist.

He was an unusual person.

The titles of some of his books are very interesting.

One of them is: "Do you love me? Do you love me? Do you really love me?"

"I Love, Love, Really Love"?

I read it when I was in college and I don’t remember much of it, but it’s about two lovers—a man and a woman—and the woman asks the man if he loves her.


Well of course, the man replies that he loves her.

But the woman isn't satisfied, and asks more and more questions.

I don’t understand.

OK. Let’s see. Do you like me, Lain?

Yes, I do.

More than your dad? More than your mom?


That makes me happy. Do you mean it?

Yes I do.

Are you happy when you’re here?

I don’t really understand, but I probably am.

Do you like talking to me?


What do you like about me?

You’re kind and you listen to me.

Which do you like more? That I’m kind, or that I listen?


Yes, which?

I like you because you’re kind.

How am I kind to you?

You don’t get angry and you’re polite.

But there are lots of people besides me who don’t get angry at you.

There are lots of people who are polite to you.

Aren’t there?

Do you really like me?

I don’t really know.

Do I have to think about all this stuff?

Let’s stop this.

I feel like I might start to not like you.