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If you had to guess, what could it be?


There is a delusion some people have that they are being influenced by something.

The delusion that the radio or TV or cell phones are trying to influence them somehow.

The delusion that TV and cell phones have the power to touch them physically.

You said that you thought you were being touched by something, didn’t you, Lain?

Uh, huh.

It might not even be a delusion.

There is an actual medical condition that makes people very sensitive physically.

But you said that you don’t feel like you are yourself, didn’t you, Lain?

That makes me think that you have the delusion that nothing exists.

That you think you aren’t real and that existence isn’t real.

This can come as the result of poor self-esteem.

Poor self-esteem?

It’s the feeling that one is worthless.

It’s similar to the delusion of persecution we were talking about.

I’m really sick.

There are other kinds of delusions.

I don’t want to listen anymore.

Some people have the delusion that they have a special, unique sickness.

It’s the sickness of thinking they have a sickness, when they really aren’t sick.

I think that what you have, Lain, is mostly to do with this kind of delusion.

The sickness of thinking that I am sick when I’m not sick?


I think that you have poor self-esteem, and that a small insecurity manifests itself in nightmares, and makes you think that you are sick.

Can I be cured?


After all, you’re not sick in the first place.

I’m sorry to have alarmed you.

Still, if you don’t understand psychiatry well, you can use it to make all sorts of misguided conclusions.

You can diagnose yourself as being sick.

Most people go to the doctor when they or someone they know can’t carry on their day-to-day activities.

They come in to see a doctor and they are diagnosed or treated, and sometimes they are diagnosed as sick.

So for someone like you, who can continue her own day-to-day activities without a problem, we can’t really say that you are sick unless something’s bad enough that you need hospitalization.