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Location: site A, level 9, #1
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Depends on: Cou021 
Reveals: Cou023  
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Tags: counselor

Am I sick because I came to the hospital?

Well, you can carry on with your life, but you’re troubled, aren’t you, Lain?

It’s the job of a counselor to help with that.

Are you a counselor, Touko-san? You said before that you’re a doctor.

I’m a counselor and a doctor.

How are the two different?

Well, both jobs have to do with helping people with psychological problems.

They’re similar in the sense that they have the same goals.

But the difference is that as a counselor I care for patients differently than I do as a doctor, and that each job has different qualifications.

Each job has its strengths and weaknesses, and I think it’s best when I can make their strengths complement each other.

That’s why I’m a doctor and a counselor.

Are you a doctor or a counselor when you see me?

I’m a counselor. I think it’s better for me to be a counselor when I see you.

But am I not mentally ill? You said that the things I see are hallucinations.

It’s true that hallucinations and delusions are symptoms of mental illness, and this is just my hunch, but you don’t seem to be mentally ill to me.

Do I mind things too much?

Yes, I think that’s probably right.

I think your tendency to observe things and listen very carefully might be stressing you out.

What can I do about it, Touko-san?

Well... even if I told you not to mind things too much, you’re going to mind things.

I don't mind anymore. I’m getting used to this. Still, I can't get used to that.


I’m not the me that I am right now.

What kind of Lain are you?

I’m me. That person is, too.

Why do you feel that way?

I don’t know. Have you ever thought that you aren’t you, Touko-san?

Looking back on myself in the past, I’ve wondered what I was doing sometimes.

But I’ve never thought at the time that I wasn’t me.

Do you feel that there are two of you, Lain?

No. I’m me and I’m not me.

That’s mysterious.

But if you feel that way, that must be true for you.

You don’t have to feel that you’re mistaken.

But it isn’t usual.