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Tags: be tired

Hello Lain, have you been well?

Yes, and you?

Yes, I’ve been fine. I’m a bit tired, though.


Yes, I’ve been pretty busy.

How busy?

Hmm, well... At least talking with you like this is something I can look forward to.


Really! What shall we talk about today... What do you want to talk about, Lain?

We couldn't talk that much about you last month.

I’d rather talk about you, though, Lain; not about myself.

But you’re right, it’s only fair that we both get to talk about what we want, so this time we’ll talk about me. But next time we’ll talk about you, Lain. Is that all right?


I’m not sure where I should start, though... My name is Younera Touko, I’m 27, I’m a doctor at the Tokyo Research Institute for Psychotherapy... That's all about me.

Ah, we won’t get anywhere like this.

You know, I’m used to listening people talk, not talking myself.

Is there anything you’d like to know, Lain?

How did you become a doctor?

I studied a lot at a place called a university.

I wrote something called a thesis, and with that I received my degree to become a doctor.