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Location: site A, level 5, #-3
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Depends on: Cou004 
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Tags: friend

So, how’s school?


What do you mean by normal? Not interesting, not boring, just normal?


How about friends?

I have friends.

Do you often play with them?

Yes, but everyone’s busy with cram school. The only place I go is here...

Don’t you want to learn something? Calligraphy, or take swimming lesso... ooohhh...

It’s okay; don’t worry about it.

I’m sorry... I'm far from a good counselor.

I’d rather stay at home than go out and do something.

What do you do at home?

That’s a secret.

Aw, that’s mean. You won’t tell me.

But I’m ashamed.

Are you doing things you’re ashamed of?


Now I want to know! Ah, so be it... But I’d really like to know...

Do I have to tell you?

I’d be glad if you did tell me.

I talk to my stuffed animals.

Ha, ha, is that it? That’s completely normal. And here I thought...

Thought what?

Ha, ha, never mind! I used to have a stuffed animal I loved...

What kind of stuffed animal?

A dragon I got at the bank. Weird, huh?

Why is that weird?

Well, aren’t girls supposed to play with cute stuffed animals?

It wasn’t even a stuffed animal... it was a piggy bank dragon.

But I still treasured it.

I called it Tacchan and talked to it all the time.

Me too. I talk to my animals. Is that normal?

That’s normal! Do I look weird to you?


You’re the same as me, Lain, we’re not weird at all!