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Are there different kinds of milk as well?

That’s right; although they’re basically all the same, depending on how they’re prepared there are different kinds.

Different kinds?

Yes, just like in tea.

Depending on which leaves are picked and how they're prepared, the same leaves can be very different.

People, too?


Are there different kinds of people as well?

Hmm, well, rather than kinds, each person is different in his or her own way.

For example, you don’t like tea, but there are also people like me who love it.

There are also people whose stomach gets upset when they drink milk, but there also those who don't have that happen to them, right?

However, there also people who learn to drink it when they grow up.

Lain, you’ll probably learn to drink tea, you know.

It’s not a good thing, nor a bad thing.

It’s normal that there are different kinds of people.

That's why you can be proud of what makes you unique!

Be proud of it?

I’m sorry... That’s right, you worry, don’t you?

You don’t have to boast about it, but there’s no need to mind what other people think, is what I meant to say.

I have weird dreams. Is that different, too?

You may think it's different, but in fact that’s normal.

If you’re worried about that, I might be able to help.

Not to help you stop having those dreams, but rather helping you to explain things you don’t understand.

If you come to me with your problems, I’d be really happy.

You know, I’ve studied a lot to help you answer those kinds of questions; I’m still studying, actually.

If you’re ever in trouble or something, I'd be glad if you could come and talk with me.

I’d like to know more about you, Lain.

Would that be okay?

I’m so glad!

Starting today, you and I are friends!

Please come and play sometime!


I’d like to ask you things as well!

You can ask me anything you want.

If I don’t know the answer, I’ll look up the answer for you.

I’ll even prepare your favorite drink.

What’s that?

Milk that doesn’t upset your stomach!