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Tags: milk

That smells good.

Here you go.

How is it?

Looks as if you don’t like it, huh?

Too bitter?

What if you add some sugar?

Well, how about if you add some milk? It might take away the bitterness.

Or I can get you something else?

I don’t like milk.

Ah, sorry. I didn’t know... Well, how about if I get some juice for you?

I’m sorry...

I probably couldn’t have had tea at your age, either.

I said that there are lots of different kinds of tea right?

If I don’t like it, I don’t like it.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I can’t drink it, but I have my own preferences as to what kinds of flavors I like in tea.

What do you like, Lain?

Why don’t you like milk?

It upsets my stomach.

Ha, ha, truth be told, when I was a child I had the same problem.

Especially when the school lunch included milk. I can drink milk now, though.

I can’t drink it, but I really love it...

How about this kind of milk? Would that be all right?

What’s it called?

I forget what it’s called, but it’s milk that doesn’t upset your stomach.

It's for kids like you, Lain, who are like me as a kid and can’t drink milk.

If you talk about it with your mother, I’m sure she’ll look for it for you.