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ID: <- Cou041 ->
Location: site B, level 6, #-2
Misc: SW: 2, q: 0, state: visible, type: 2;
Depends on: (nothing)
Reveals: Dia032  
downloaded file
Tags: misato

Lain, I’d like to confirm something with you.

What were the names of your friends that you talked about?


I see. And you have another friend?


Right. Misato-chan.

Why do you ask?

Never mind.

I was just gathering information for a report, and part of it asks about friends you may have.

I was double-checking it because I was a bit unsure of myself.

Oh. Misato-chan. Is she going to be in your charts, too?

No, just her name. Nothing else. Does she live in your neighborhood?

Yes. But I can’t walk there.

You have to go by car?

Yes. When I go to Misato-chan’s home, I always have my mom or dad drive me there.

What does your dad do?

He goes to work. He’s not around home much.

He’s very busy, then. Is he nice to you?

He is. He brings me gifts when he goes to work.

That’s great, Lain.