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ID: <- Cou027 ->
Location: site A, level 10, #2
Misc: SW: 1, q: 0, state: hidden, type: 2;
Depends on: Cou026 
Reveals: nothing
downloaded file
Tags: hairstyle

I wanted to ask last time, but why do have that kind of hairstyle?

It’s weird?

No, it’s great! You really look good that way. Is it a popular look at your school?

No. It’s just my own style.

You mentioned that you want to be like other kids. Why do you have a unique look?

It comes from the right, and probably, that’s why it goes out of the left. That’s why...

It works a little bit like a magic charm, then. I used have a magic charm, too.

You did, Touko-san?


It didn’t have to do with hairstyle, but I used to have a lucky rabbit’s foot.

I used to believe that it would keep me safe and happy, and I tied it to my backpack.

Looking back, it seems so ghastly.

To tie a little bunny’s foot to my backpack.

But then again, believing in the rabbit’s foot really made me feel safer.

A magic charm?


Your hair looks really good, though, Lain.

If you had a hairstyle like everyone else’s, it wouldn’t be like you.

I think you look great the way you are.