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You are a counselor and a psychiatrist, Touko-san?

And a psychiatrist is someone who heals mental illnesses?

Uh huh. Put simply, I’m a doctor of the mind. As I mentioned before, mental illness is very complex.

What is mental illness?

Basically, a person’s mind becomes disturbed for some reason, and the person is unable to continue functioning.

What sort of reason, for instance?

There can be many reasons.

Problems with a living environment or work environment can be reasons.

Sudden, psychological shock can also be a reason.

The sudden death of a well-loved pet can trigger mental illness.

Sometimes people become mentally ill because of something that happens to them physically.

A car accident or some other kind of physical trauma can be a cause.

Also, people who drink too much can damage the function of their brains.



You’ve been studying!

If you drink too much, the alcohol content in your blood will rise.

You’ve seen drunk people wobble around without balance, haven’t you?

They’re in an alcoholic stupor.

But normal people aren’t that way, are they?

No, they can be.

It takes about 24 hours for alcohol to leave the human body.

If you drink a lot everyday for a year or so—if you stay drunk long enough—your perception will start to change.

Your brain will start to deteriorate.

That’s scary.

It is scary. I still have some sake now and then, though.

Isn’t that dangerous?

Ha, ha.

Oh, a little bit.

And smoking is bad, too.

But having a drink with friends every now and then can help relieve stress.

Relieving stress is very important for the body’s health.

I don’t understand what stress is.

Remember when you didn’t like coming here at first?


Stress is what we call the cause of that discomfort.

You’re glad that the discomfort is gone, aren’t you?

Yes. What other kinds of mental illness are there?

Could you excuse me? I’ve been talking so much and I’m a little thirsty.