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ID:<- Tda048 ->
Location:site B, level 1, #19
Misc:SW: 1, q: 0, state: visible, type: 2
Depends on:nothing
decoded file:t

Toko: Oh! Just when I thought I was able to meet Yoshida-kun, I screwed it up! He said that he was waiting at the department store, talking to the person in charge of health equipment. Oh, I’m such a careless person. He suddenly apologized to me. Yoshida-kun was probably angry. Ahh. I’ve done something embarrassing again. He was just bringing the health equipment he promised to bring. The machine he brought was like a toy. It’s used for relaxation. I wonder if it works. It’s supposed to work best if you use it everyday. I think I’ll start using it tonight. I bet Yoshida-kun gets girlfriends easily. He’s such a good-looking guy and he’s tall. When he comes to the lab, all the women seem to really take notice of him. Oh, what am I thinking? I already have Takeshi-san. I want to see Takeshi-san.