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ID: <- Tda012 ->
Location: site A, level 2, #-6
Misc: SW: 0, q: 1, state: hidden, type: 2;
Depends on: Tda011  
Reveals: Tda013  
decoded file:t
Tags: be tired


Welcome home, Touko. I’m so tired today. I don’t like the air in Japanese research centers. Why do Japanese research centers have this sort of feel? The people entirely lack a critical mentality, and they are lazy. They give you a prejudicial glare when you mention that you just returned from studying abroad. I wish they would cut it out. Research centers in America weren’t like this. I suppose they think I was able to study abroad because my dad has connections. Everybody is so icy here. When I was in grade school, we were so welcoming of kids transferring from other schools. Maybe we change when we grow up. This makes me depressed, but it’s what I have to face now. I can’t live like I did in America forever. If I do what I’m supposed to do, people will give me credit eventually. Ok, Touko? Soon I’ll have my examination to become a counselor. Until I finish that exam, I’ll have to bear with things the best I can.