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ID: <- Lda178 ->
Location: site B, level 4, #-4
Misc: SW: 4, q: 0, state: visible, type: 2;
Depends on: (nothing)
Reveals: Lda179  
Info: lain's_DIARY
Tags: diary

I found Touko-san’s diary.

It’s wrong to read other people’s diaries, but it’s fun.

I’m understanding Touko-san better now.

I’m finding out that she’s just another human being.

I can see that she thinks of petty things, too.

Most of what she writes is about men.

Was my report this simple?

I’m disappointed.

I felt like adding some of my own notes, but decided not to.

There is a periodical security check and it found out about my ‘cracking.’ But I think I’m okay.

I don’t think I left any ‘foot prints.’