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ID:<- Lda177 ->
Location:site B, level 4, #2
Misc:SW: 4, q: 0, state: visible, type: 2
Depends on:nothing

Lain: I went to see Toko-san alone because Mom was sleeping in. I asked Toko-san what she writes about me in her research reports. She didn't give me a clear answer. While Toko-san left the room for a while, I took copies of some pages from her notebook. I thought that I now knew the research data Toko-san keeps about me, and that I knew what she does with it. I could see that she sends information about me to the research room, and that she sends a lot of it. Could it be visual data? Auditory data? I also noticed some writing that seemed to have daily entries in it. Could it be a diary? I couldn't find that data in her ‘host’ page. Toko-san tends to transmit her data late at night. I’ll try to access her site then. She has a very big file about me that would take a long time to download, so I don’t think she’ll find out if I accessed it. I don’t think Toko-san knows much about machines and computers. I feel bad because I think I’m tricking Toko-san, but on the other hand, I feel good.