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ID: <- Lda104 ->
Location: site A, level 18, #10
Misc: SW: 2, q: 1, state: visible, type: 2;
Depends on: (nothing)
Reveals: Lda105  
Info: lain's_DIARY
Tags: cUl.attraction

I drew a picture and submitted it to the cultural fair, but I don’t think I have much talent.

Compared to everyone else, I’m not very good.

Misato-chan does great.

She said that she was still mid-process with her work, but I thought it was great already anyway.

She drew a picture of Pegasus, with deep blue skies.

It looked as though Pegasus was really flying.

I don’t think I could draw a Pegasus that looks like it is flying.

I think I’ll just draw what I feel like drawing.

I’d rather draw pictures of Misato-chan more than anything else, but maybe she won’t like that.