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Depends on: Cou047 
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Tags: worry

I felt really good today.

That’s really great, Touko-san.

I’m starting to feel worse, though. I can’t tell what’s bothering me.

Is it something vague? Something about feeling dormant?

When you’re feeling happy, don’t you sometimes feel worried about when it might come to an end?

Is that a symptom of an intermittent flow of thought?

I can’t imagine myself being happy.

You can imagine yourself being unhappy?

I suppose. But I can’t get rid of the worry.

Is there something I can do?

What would I want to seek for from you? Why me from you?

Are you too proud to tell me?

It has nothing to do with pride. Why don’t you tell me what you think is going on with me.

You’re just Touko-san. You’re yourself.

That’s right. I better get to my reports. If you want, you can stay around here, but I have to go.


Because there is something I have to do right now.

There is something that I can only do now.

I have to continue my research.

That makes you happy?

Yes, it does. My number one goal is to continue doing the research that I enjoy.

So that’s number one?


That’s not what I mean.

Seeing you is very important, too.

It’s very important to me that everything goes well.

But I have to do things in order.

I’m glad.