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ID: <- Cou047 ->
Location: site B, level 8, #0
Misc: SW: 3, q: 0, state: hidden, type: 2;
Depends on: Cou046 
Reveals: Cou048  
downloaded file
Tags: state

You’re Lain, aren’t you?

Sure I am. You’re being silly, Touko-san.

Oh, I’m sorry.

You’re right.

I’m a little tired.

I’m sorry for asking goofy questions.

You seem to be really doing well lately, Lain.

I haven’t changed.

We’ve been having counseling sessions for a long time.

A long time? Do you mean many times? Have I been seeing you too much?

Maybe. What do you think?

There seem to be many areas left.

What do you mean? Don't tell me things I can’t understand.

What’s wrong? Are you angry? You can’t control your emotions?

Why are you asking me this! Look, Lain. Are you playing with me? Are you mocking me?


This counseling session is for YOU. You come here to see me. Not the other way around.

But you said that I could talk. I want to know about you.

How is finding out about me going to help you? Do you just want to irritate me?

You really didn’t like my questions?

No, I didn’t!

I want you to leave things alone.

I don’t want you trying to get inside my head.

That’s what I think.

Aren’t you sad to be alone?

I’m not alone!

I am not you!

You are Lain, aren’t you?

You’re the proper, reserved, sad girl without much self-confidence, aren’t you?

No, that’s not me. I think my personality is much different from that.

Then who are you?

I’m... Lain.