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ID: <- Cou035 ->
Location: site A, level 16, #8
Misc: SW: 2, q: 0, state: visible, type: 2;
Depends on: (nothing)
Reveals: Dia026  
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Tags: idolize
missing self

Touko-san, deja vu isn’t an illness, is it?


You may also feel it’s the first time you’ve seen a scene which you’ve seen before.

Both situations have nothing to do with a disease.

Even normal people sometimes have an experience of deja vu.

What a relief! I feel better now.

Do you feel anything else when you experience deja vu?

Time is strange for some reason. I can’t figure out if time is fast or slow.

Do you feel it’s real or kind of ordinary?

Well, it could be... or could not be... I don’t know... maybe not...

Is it nebulous? Or you just can’t comprehend...

I just feel something is different.

Even though I recognize that I am playing in my house, I feel like it isn’t my house.

And even though I don’t know where it is, when I play at a park that I’ve never seen, for me it seems like the place I usually go.

Strange... Do you feel comfortable or uneasy when you are there?

I don’t know, but Lain was laughing when it happened.

Not yourself, but Lain?

I can’t explain very well, but it was Lain.

Where were you at that time?

Let’s see... I don’t know, because I was just watching her...

I mean, where from did you observe her?

Like, were you standing on the ground, or you could you see her from the sky...?

Well... I don’t know... It was like I saw myself on the TV... I guess...

Lain, are you all right? You don’t have to bring it back by force. I’m sorry.

I feel compelled to ask questions... Okay, that’s all for today!

How do you express it in technical jargon?

No, let’s stop for now.

I really want to know about myself!

Okay, so this is the last lesson.

In technical jargon, we call it "alienation of perception." It means that you experience something as if somebody else experienced it.

It’s an illness, isn’t it?

There is one called "depersonalization" which is that you cannot feel yourself, but you couldn’t have it.

So stop worrying about it.

You can’t prove that I don’t.

Yes, but it doesn’t worry you. So I can say that you’re not sick.

Well, I shouldn’t have said that; it just makes you worried.

I guess I made a mistake...

No, you didn’t.

You didn’t make any mistakes because I insisted that you should answer my question.

Still, I want to study a lot in order to be like you, Touko-san.