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ID: <- Cou016 ->
Location: site A, level 6, #-2
Misc: SW: 1, q: 0, state: hidden, type: 2;
Depends on: Cou015 
Reveals: Dc1055  
downloaded file
Tags: elusion

I see.

That’s probably because you are a strong person.

I was a weak person, and now it feels like back then, I was running away from the fact by thinking that.

Do you think I’m trying to run away from myself?

I don’t think so. But you want to change yourself, don’t you?

I just don’t want to see any more bad dreams. I think that's how i feel.

Could it be that you don’t want to be the person who sees the bad dreams?

Maybe you feel that way, somewhere deep inside yourself?

Could it be that you are subconsciously trying to construct a "me" that isn’t "me"?

What should I do?

Do you think you can accept your dreams?



I mean facing the voices you don't want to hear or the "you" that you don't wanna meet, and then trying to become friends with them.

I can’t.

I think that all you have to do is listen to the voices.

See what they are saying and see what they want to do.

Face them until you understand them and expose them.

I’m scared.

But you’ve made it so far.

You’re still you.

You’ve never had a ghost punch you or had a voice act violently with you, right?

Maybe these ghosts and voices are trying to be friends with you.

Ha, ha.

If you don’t see the ghosts again, great.

But if you do see them, I think that it’s important that you have a good attitude and know how to brace yourself.

If the ghosts show up, just shake it off your shoulders and say, "oh, here they are again."

I’m leaving. I’m going home.

Why? Did I say something I shouldn’t have?

I didn’t lie to you. I didn’t see any ghosts or phantoms. You’re a big jerk!