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ID:<- Tda060 ->
Location:site B, level 3, #20
Misc:SW: 2, q: 0, state: visible, type: 2
Depends on:nothing
decoded file:t

Toko: This is a nightmare. It must be a bad dream. Takeshi-san is getting married? It’s just more gossip by those jerks in the lab. Takeshi-san was going to marry me. But…that’s just something I believed on my own. I know that we never made any promises. But this is horrible. Why didn’t Takeshi-san talk to me first? He said that he couldn’t see me because he was so busy. Was he avoiding me that way? Did he want me to get the impression that he didn’t like me and let me lose interest in him? I’m… so…stupid. I didn’t notice anything. Why couldn’t you tell me? If you told me I would have given up and let you go. That’s not true. I couldn’t let you go. I didn’t want to be his lover until he no longer liked me.