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ID:<- Tda056 ->
Location:site B, level 3, #11
Misc:SW: 2, q: 0, state: visible, type: 2
Depends on:nothing
decoded file:t

Toko: Today on my way home from the lab, I ran into Yoshida-kun. Lately, I had been so busy with helping Professor Takashima that I didn’t have time to talk to Yoshida-kun even when he visited the lab. He seems to have been worried about me, and was waiting for me at the lab until I was through with work. I don't want him to be too kind to me right now, when I’m feeling so irritable. I feel like blaming someone for what’s been going on, and I feel that if someone is kind to me, my feelings for Takeshi-san will crumble. Yoshida-kun just quietly walked me home, but he made me very happy. There was a “me” that was happy then. No. I shouldn’t feel this way. Takeshi-san is the one I like. A good-looking guy was nice to me. That would make any girl happy. Takeshi-san… I want you to catch me. I really am tired. I better get some rest.