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ID:<- Tda028 ->
Location:site A, level 4, #22
Misc:SW: 0, q: 0, state: visible, type: 2
Depends on:nothing
decoded file:t

Toko: I met Lain for the second time today. She looked right at me and called me “sensei.” That made me feel good, and I blushed. I wonder if I’ve become transparent to her already. I must be an inexperienced counselor if I blush just because I’m called a sensei. From the first time I met Lain, I had an unusual sense about her. I wonder what that was. When I look at her eyes, I feel as though she can see right through me. I wonder if she feels that I am someone that can help her. I don’t remember myself being as relaxed as Lain when I was her age. She seems very composed. A 12-year-old is still a child, but Lain seems like an adult. They say that kids are all getting precocious these days. I guess times are changing. Ah! Now I’m talking like an old woman. Don’t let any hallucinations beat you, Lain! I’m going to make you well.