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ID:<- Tda021 ->
Location:site A, level 4, #1
Misc:SW: 0, q: 1, state: hidden, type: 2
Depends on:Tda020  
decoded file:t
Tags:bad atmosphere
odd jobs

Toko: Hmm. As always, a research room is a strenuous place to be. Even though I’ve passed the test, I’m treated like I don't qualify as a counselor. I don’t care for Professor Takashima. He won’t send clients my way. He leaves me with a lot of menial tasks instead. He probably says to himself, “the girl who went to America can’t do anything.” That makes me really frustrated, Takeshi-san. If I were a man, I would get recognition sooner. My study abroad doesn’t seem to count for much. It’s no time to be worked up about Professor Takashima’s little chores. I will get recognized.