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ID: <- Tda015 ->
Location: site A, level 3, #-5
Misc: SW: 0, q: 1, state: hidden, type: 2;
Depends on: Tda014 
Reveals: Tda016  
decoded file:t
Tags: rumor

I’ve felt bad all day today.

Why do the Japanese like to spread rumors?

I was surprised to learn that people know I’m going out with Takeshi-san.

I wish they would stop whispering behind my back.

For my coworkers to hear things and imagine what might be happening is one thing, but to spread concocted stories about me like they are facts is sickening.

They say, "Oh, those two must be having a lot of fun in bed," or "she must be tired of having sex with foreigners." You don’t have to talk like that just because you’re in the restroom.

Most of those people spreading rumors are probably from the 2nd floor.

What stupid talk.

I’m sure it makes them happy, though.

Ahhhh! It makes me so mad!

Now I know why everybody looks at me funny.

If you want to know about my business, face me and ask me about it.

But instead you gossip about this stuff for everyone to hear.

Why the hell are you working in a medical research center?

Do what you’re here to do.

Takeshi-san told me not to mind it.

I can’t forgive these people, though.


I feel like wringing their necks!

What gives?

I can’t stay angry at these people forever.

But I feel rotten today.

I wish Takeshi-san were here right now.

But I suppose it would just be a nuisance if I go to him with all this.

I know he’s very busy now.

I wonder if he knows there are these rumors going around.

Maybe he’s feeling lousy, too.