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ID: <- Lda125 ->
Location: site A, level 20, #12
Misc: SW: 3, q: 1, state: visible, type: 2;
Depends on: (nothing)
Reveals: Lda126  
Info: lain's_DIARY
Tags: plagiarism

I wonder if people on art sites of the Net are hard to please.

I got friendly and sent pics of Misato-chan’s artwork, and they said that it was plagiarism.

Misato-chan would never do something like that.

Besides, some artistic big shots saw Misato-chan’s work and didn't think it was plagiarism.

I feel contradicted.

I don’t want to visit this Net site again.

I feel like I am the one being criticized.

Misato-chan and I have been around each other so much that we can tell what’s going on with the other without talking too much.