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ID: <- Lda020 ->
Location: site A, level 9, #1
Misc: SW: 1, q: 0, state: visible, type: 2;
Depends on: (nothing)
Reveals: Lda021  
Info: lain's_DIARY
Tags: reward

Today is a Sunday.

I cooked and did the laundry for Mom as a thanks for her taking care of me while I was sick.

My food wasn’t so good, though.

I wonder if I did the laundry okay. Dad ate my fried eggs even though I burnt hem.

He’s such a good Dad.

I think he might have been a bit rude to watch videos during breakfast, though.

I wonder why Dad’s shorts are so large.

They’re the size of my shirt.

Mom’s brassiere is big, too.

I wonder what that is about.