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ID: <- Ere010 ->
Location: site B, level 5, #-3
Misc: SW: 2, q: 2, state: hidden, type: 2;
Depends on: Ere009 
Reveals: nothing
decoded file:
Tags: private tutor

But, Onee-san, could you be my tutor, too? My grades aren’t so great.

I’d love to, but I can’t because I have a lot of work to do at the university.

If I find a good tutor, I’ll recommend her to you.

You can repay me by being really nice to Lain.


You really are like a big sister.

I wish I had a sister.

I’m an only child.

Lain’s an only child, too, isn’t she?

Does she have siblings?

My mom said something about Lain having a sibling in the hospital, and that that’s why neighbors avoid her house.

Ha, ha.

Lain is an only child.

Her parents are good, ordinary people.

I suppose Lain is sad about being an only child, too.