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ID: <- Ere001 ->
Location: site B, level 4, #-4
Misc: SW: 0, q: 0, state: visible, type: 2;
Depends on: (nothing)
Reveals: Ere002  
decoded file:
Tags: kyoko
private tutor
Nega feelings

So sorry I'm late, I was the one who asked to meet in the first place.

It’s okay. What do you want to talk about?

Um, I’ll have Earl Grey without milk. Would you like more coffee, Kyoko-chan?


So you’re a private tutor.

People like you are rare nowadays, aren’t they?

You get this involved with the kids you tutor?

I’ve been a bit distracted and unfocused lately, and I was concerned that it might have been rubbing off on Lain and getting in the way of her education.

Either that, or maybe things haven’t been going well for her at school.

I think she’s doing okay.

From your point of view, is she doing well in school?

I don't really know.

We used to be friends, but since we entered junior high school, we haven’t talked to each other that much.

Is this a test to see if she’s been behaving herself?

I don’t know what other kids do outside of school.

Wouldn’t it be better to ask a student advisor at or something?

Oh, no, no.

It’s nothing serious like that.

Not at all.

But she’s a quiet girl, isn’t she?

She used to be a little gloomy.

I was just curious about how she’s doing in school.


Well, I have nothing to lose by talking to you, so ask me whatever you want.

I haven’t talked to Lain much recently.

She doesn’t have that many friends.

She used to be a little somber.

I guess you could say she’s gotten gloomier lately.