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Tags: electric wire

Mainly, we talked about auditory hallucinations.

She believes that she hears voices from electric lines.

She says that the voices she hears are not related to her.

This could be categorized as a delusion of physical influences, but the symptoms didn’t seem serious enough to be called full-blown delusions.

Her being "able to hear from phone lines and electric lines" seemed instead to be childlike theories.

She’s an intelligent and sensitive girl, and probably creates her own hallucinations.

However, regarding the fact that she has hallucinations only during the day makes her very unusual.

Although I don’t think my client is lying, but she says that she very rarely hallucinates while she is talking to her friends.

Most likely, references to time and place become fuzzy in her mind, and she is either confusing separate experiences, or she may have just been talking to her friends in her dreams.