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According to her mother at home, Lain has very frightening dreams.

They are not ordinary dreams.

They are very realistic and almost hallucinatory.

She visited the hospital for this reason.

Regarding the nature of the dreams, it seems that Lain doesn't elaborate much about their contents, but she says that she sometimes hears incomprehensible voices out of nowhere, that she is suddenly awakened and forced to watch a video.

She sometimes plays in the park, and suddenly finds herself alone when she thought other kids were around.

These seem to be childhood imaginary fears.

In the future we will address these symptoms.

I hope for a recovery.

It might be possible.

Fundamentally, even if that does not occur, she may be able to manage life at home.

However, what her mother said that concerned me was her hallucinations.

I will try to pinpoint the cause of these symptoms in our counseling sessions.