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ID: <- Cou052 ->
Location: site B, level 11, #3
Misc: SW: 4, q: 0, state: hidden, type: 2;
Depends on: Cou051 
Reveals: Cou053  
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Tags: vain person

Are you okay, Touko-san.

Yes. I’m hanging in there. Sometimes I don’t feel so good.

You think too much, Touko-san. You pay too much attention to what’s going on around you.

I have things to think about. Work. Romance.

Is a love life necessary?

I think it’s a very important part of life.

Does a woman need a man?

Not just because she’s a woman. If that were true, a man would need a woman.

It would be obsessive to think that a woman must have a man, Touko-san. You can live on your own.

But wouldn’t that be sad? I can’t stand to be sad. How about you? How about you, Lain?

I would get sad, too.