This project's purpose is to reverse engineer lain bootleg
with the goal of providing a cross-platform and (hopefully) bug-free implementation of the game, while making the code and assets available to the public.

lain dance


Q: Who worked on this?
A: zerno (zerno#2055 on Discord), elliotcraft79, and me (ad).

Q: Source code?
A: On my github.

Q: What is the game written in/what libraries does it use?
A: The major components are C using OpenGL along with GLFW for context/window creation, input handling, etc., miniaudio for sound effects and libmpv for video playback.

Q: How do I properly edit the save file?
A: Mentioned in the documentation.

Q: I'd like to extract assets from the original binaries myself. How can I do that?
A: Mentioned in the documentation. You can download the original game here.


If you only want the game assets without having to extract them yourself, you can download them here.

Windows 32-bit
Windows 64-bit

You can compile the game from source, which is explained for both Windows and Linux in the building guide. Keep in mind, for this you require the original game binaries for asset extraction, which you can download here.

You will have to compile the game yourself, but I can't provide a building guide since I've never owned a Mac.
If you manage to build the game along with it's dependencies please consider shooting a PR with the changes to CMakeLists.txt and a short guide similar to those I've already written to make it easier for others.

Some screenshots: