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About this site This site is trying to reproduce Serial Experiments Lain game in web form. The main goal of this site is to provide the ability to play SEL game with almost the same experience as the original game. It contains all audio and video game files. The main menu is represented as a table that is much more convenient then original 3d menu. The main file structure replicates the original game as much as possible. The only difference is that the all media files are unlocked at the start. Translation form Japanese to English is done by Serial Experiments Lain PSX Game Translation Project.
About the game On November 26, 1998, Pioneer LDC released a video game for the PlayStation with the same name as the Serial Experiments Lain anime. It was designed by Konaka and Yasuyuki and made to be a "network simulator" in which the player would navigate to explore Lain's story. The creators themselves did not call it a game, but "Psycho-Stretch-Ware", and it has been described as being a kind of graphic novel: the gameplay is limited to unlocking pieces of information, and then reading/viewing/listening to them, with little or no puzzle needed to unlock. Read more on Wikipedia and
This is how original game is looks like:
How to “play” instructions The audio and video files are organized in two parts: “Site A” and “Site B”, they are represent each of two CD disks of original game. Site A contains 22 levels, Site B contains 13 levels. Each level contains different numbers of files. Actually, this game has no gameplay. The player must check each file one by one from bottom levels to the upper and assemble storylines from pieces of information. Instead of original game, you can see and open all files in any order. However, be careful, you can easily running down the one storyline, and falling behind in another storyline. Links on unvisited pages is highlighted. You must always check “Depends on” links at the file page, if you see yellow links there, you must check them out before continue current file.
Warnings: This game discusses and acts out adult subjects and is not suitable for children and might not be suitable for sensitive adults. The game includes three suicides and two murders. Various characters are affected by a variety of psychological disorders, they are extremely lonely and experience the disintegration of their families. Also they suffer from an unrequited love.
Game credits: Chiaki J. Konaka
Translation Credits: Keigo, otakufish, arc, Jossos, Najica, qhojty, shirafor, nikeko, neverb, yama462, thykka, utakata, Hikari, phm, MrVacBob, liccflii, m35, MercuryTW, farhan, exileblue, zinmirai, stalker-kun, toruvinn, MercuryTW, Mr. Joji S, Dmitry Volovik
Site credits: madman, fsdfur, KostaPC
All files on the website are only available for preview. You must buy original game. All rights reserved to Pioneer LDC
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